Helping a Loved One with Anger Issues & Online Anger Management Courses

It seems some people are born angry. But they don’t have to stay that way. Not with help from court-approved online anger management courses. When someone you love is angry, it can be disturbing and even frightening. However, with assistance, your loved one can learn coping skills that help address the issues that cause the anger.

It’s normal to get angry. The job, traffic, and kids provide plenty of material for frustration and arguments. You don’t want to let someone’s anger get out of hand to point where rage turns into verbal abuse and physical danger.

Online Class Teaches How to Keep Calm

Online anger management courses are a sound way to learn about controlling anger. Since they can be done at home on the computer, no one needs to know about the classes. It’s a great deal more convenient than driving back and forth to a location. The individual can study when they have time -- early, late, or on weekends. And when it’s done, the person gets a certificate of completion that’s good enough to satisfy a court order.

What Can You Do?

Until your loved one can start practicing what they’ve learned from classes, there are ways you can deal with that person. Here’s how to handle someone who is angry:

  • De-Escalate a Confrontation
    No matter how angry they get, stay calm.
  • Respond in a soft voice, so they’ll have to stop yelling to listen.
  • Pay attention to what they’re saying and be compassionate.
  • Insist upon being treated with respect. Set boundaries about the behavior you will not tolerate.
  • This is not the time to give advice. And if the situation is making you uncomfortable, take a time-out.

Your loved one’s anger likely is having an impact on you. How do you cope? Here are some ways you can diminish your stress:

  • Talk to someone who is wise and caring.
  • Surround yourself with happy people.
    Do things that help you relax. Take a long, hot bath. Go for a walk. Get a massage.
    Join a support group.
    If your loved one turns violent, get help.