Symptoms of Alcoholism – Online Drug and Alcohol Course

If you worry about how much you or a loved one drink, it’s worth looking into the possibility of addiction. Alcoholism comes with a wide range of potential consequences, from social isolation to irreversible health conditions. It’s something worth your concern, and that’s where the information in an online drug and alcohol course can be invaluable.

At AIC., we facilitate these courses regularly.  We know how to recognize key signs of developing alcoholism, and we know how vital it is for others to do the same. That’s why we cover a few of the most telling right here on our website. While our online drug and alcohol course goes into much more detail, these basic signs can help you identify when someone has a problem before it’s harder to get them the help they need.

Understanding Control

While alcoholism is a dangerous disorder, social and personal drinking is ingrained in countless cultures. How do you know when someone’s consumption is a problem, and when it’s a responsible choice? It’s frequently a question of control.

First, anyone who often drinks larger amounts or for longer periods of time than they intend to may be an alcoholic. This can look like agreeing to hit the bar for an hour and staying for three, or consuming several potent beverages in one sitting.

Likewise, if you or someone you know continually tries to cut back and can’t seem to succeed, there’s a good chance that outside intervention is necessary. If you can’t stop when you want to, then you aren’t in control of your drinking habits -- and that’s not a safe place to be.

Finally, when alcohol leads someone to struggle in meeting their obligations to work, friends, and family, it’s probably time for an intervention. For more signs, symptoms, and court-ordered education, our online drug and alcohol course is an approachable and private way to get important information.