Why it’s Dangerous to Use Alcohol for Anxiety - What You Learn in Our Online Drug & Alcohol Course

Unfortunately, many people drink and drive. When drinking is mixed with driving, it can become a problem as it is illegal to drive while intoxicated. Drinking also becomes a problem when it becomes a crutch for mental health issues. These problems associated with drugs and alcohol, inevitably, end up getting worse. For example, people with anxiety disorders are much more likely to develop an unhealthy relationship with drugs and alcohol if they begin to use them as a form of self-medication to reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety.

The irony of this, as one will learn in our online drug and alcohol course, is that the effect of drinking might actually end up having the opposite effect than the drinker had intended--including creating even more anxiety as well as hangovers.

Dehydration, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, all possible outcomes of a night of drinking. These can all make it harder for you to function, which can cut into your ability to attend to your home, school, or work responsibilities. This, in turn, could fuel your anxiety further.

If you feel like you are dealing with stress or anxiety, it is essential to find healthier ways to deal with it. Exercise, meditation, and reading are all great ways to reduce your anxiety levels without potentially causing health problems and increased stress.

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