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FAQs About John School Diversion Programs

After being ordered by the court to complete a john school diversion program, you likely have some questions. With this article, you can learn what to expect from these courses.

What is “john school”?

More formally, these courses are called “First Offender Prostitution Programs” or something similar. The programs are aimed at the clients of prostitution (often called “johns”), striving to deter them from future solicitation.

Why do they exist?

Overall, the goal of john school diversion programs is to reduce future criminal offenses and educate people on the personal risks and potential harm of prostitution. Solicitation is often thought of as a victimless crime, but that is not always the case. By informing offenders about the realities of prostitution and the negative impact it can have, the programs diminish recidivism.

What is taught?

Subject matter varies from course to course, but common topics include the firsthand experiences of prostitutes, the health risks associated with solicitation, sex trafficking education, and the potential legal consequences of future offenses. John school diversion program students learn about the risks to themselves, such as catching an STD or being charged with statutory rape (many prostitutes are minors), as well as the societal harm that can result. For example, while it is often assumed that prostitutes are working due to their own choice, the reality is that sex workers are often victims of human trafficking.

Can you attend john school online?

While some john school diversion programs are in-person classes, there are also many convenient online options available. These court-approved programs are ideal for students who cannot commit to a regularly scheduled class due to time-restraints or transportation difficulties. An online course can be taken anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, a digital copy of the official certificate will be provided immediately upon completion.